Friday, April 19, 2013


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oreo Trifle


I've made a brownie and oreo trifle a few times and it's become a favorite dessert in my family. It's so rich and delicious, nobody can just have one serving. So if you like chocolate, you will definitely enjoy this dessert. It's easy to make and can be refrigerated for a several days.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Has Your Joy Been Stolen?

It's funny and ironic how people {myself included} measure themselves by others. I look at others possessions, relationships, image, status, beauty, etc. and measure  worth by what I SEE in other people. Now obviously I know that this is foolish on many levels but I consciously {maybe sub-consciously}continue along this line of thinking to my own degradation. For coveting others' lives or things can only lead to dissatisfaction and ruin.

Only What I SEE
Looking at another's life and judging or assuming their worth and value by my visual assessment is very foolish. I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, in bank accounts, in emotional statuses, and in hearts. I could never properly assess or judge the worth of someone based only on what I see. 

Besides the logical factor above there is the spiritual factor from the Lord. II Corinthians 10:12b states: "...but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves are not wise."

Consider the quote by Theodore Roosevelt: "Comparison is the thief of joy."

It is hard to stay satisfied and joyful with your life when you are bombarded with advertisements for a "better life" on tv or billboard and shopping ads. It is definitely difficult to stay contented when you are constantly comparing yourself with others. "The grass is always greener on the other side." Covetousness is wanting what others have.  I am coveteous by nature because I'm a sinner {saved by grace} and it's something I must fight against. Before I can fight I must recognize that I have a cause to fight: covetousness. 

Harry Ironsides, a preacher in the early 1900's, thought that the sin of covetousness couldn't get any worse in America. And that was in 1903. Fast forward one hundred years and I would say that covetousness has grown by leaps and bounds. We could say that Mr. Ironsides didn't know anything about covetousness for what we witness every day is probably only a sliver of what he saw. 

Joy is Easily Stolen
Yes, we will see others with more money, nicer homes and cars, beautiful bodies, expensive clothes, and a seemingly "perfect life." But if we dwell on that and shortchange the blessings God has given us, then our joy will be lost and we will forever be chasing after "success".  Comparison IS the thief of joy and coveting others WILL lead to ruin.
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Stuffed Bell Peppers

These are so tasty! I tweaked a recipe I found online and spiced this one up a bit! So if you like mexican food this is definitely for you!

Spring Break Every Day!

I've recently been dwelling on the blessing of God in my life. And when people ask how I am, I find myself telling them that every day is like Spring break! Yes, it's a little bit of different answer than what you normally hear but it totally depicts how I view my life!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Freezing Strawberries

After recently picking 46 quarts of strawberries, I had to decide how I was going to freeze them to last me for the next year. Because I make lots of fruit smoothies I decided to flash freeze half of them. And with the other half I decided to prepare them as I would for strawberry shortcake with a simply syrup. The following are these two ways of preparation.

Strawberry Picking

I recently went strawberry picking here in Florida and was amazed at the savings! My mom and I went to a strawberry field in the winter capital of strawberries in the US, Plant City, and picked 46 quarts! At fifty cents a quart we spent $23 dollars, an excellent deal! At a nearby produce stand, they sell a quart of strawberries for $2.00. At the local grocery store they sell a quart of strawberries for $2.50 or more. So we got our strawberries for a fifth of the price!

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